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Winter Hair Woes

Cozy fleece PJs, nights by the fire, and cups of hot cocoa are the upsides to shorter cold days of winter. With the ups come the downs. The downside and drawbacks bring winter hair woes.

Dry Hair, static fly-aways, dry scalp, dull hair, and knotty tangles are a few of the most common winter hair woes that women face each season.

Winter Hair Woe 1: Dry Hair

Dry hair happens more in the winter than in summer because there is less moisture in the air. Cold air isn’t able to hold moisture like warm air. The lack of moisture in winter air means that moisture in the hair and skin will evaporate more quickly leaving hair drier in the winter than in summer.

  • The heat from your styling tools zaps the minimal moisture your hair retains in the winter. It would be a good idea to try to lessen the amount you use the tools in the winter months.

  • Combat the lack of moisture in the winter air by adding more moisture to your hair with specialty products. Customers love Phil’s Beter’s clarifying and moisturizing shampoo which promotes hair growth and helps to maintain a healthy scalp and the moisturizing & strengthening deep conditioner which helps to restore and repair weakened strands.

  • A silk or satin pillowcase or a satin sleep cap will help to hold in the moisture you have worked to add back to your hair with your products.

  • If you still struggle with dry hair, try the rose hibiscus leave-in conditioner. It works by deeply penetrating the hair shaft while providing lightweight moisture & lasting hydration to the hair.

  • Healthy hydrated hair will help your strands to look great no matter how brisk and cold the weather is.

Winter Hair Woe 2: Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is more common in the winter, according to The Mayo Clinic, and is often characterized by small white flakes caused by cold weather, excessive dry heat, or diet. A dry scalp associated with winter weather can also come with itching and tightness of the scalp.

  • Excess shampooing in the winter can strip the minimal moisture from the scalp. Stretch your time in between shampoos to allow your scalp time to make more natural oil. Try massaging some coconut oil into the scalp 20 to 30 minutes before you shampoo.

  • Use Phil’s Better Hair Elixer after shampooing. Massage into the scalp to treat and soothe a dry and itchy scalp.

Winter Hair Woe 3: Static Flyaways

Fly-aways are one of the most frequent issues with African American hair. These are caused by static electricity, which causes the hair to lift in all directions. Static electricity is typically a result of brushing hair and the strands of hair rubbing against each other. However, during the winter months, when there is less moisture in the air, this becomes much more common.

  • The simplest fix is to keep as moisture in the hair as possible. The same solutions for dry hair apply to static issues. Use extra conditioning shampoo and conditioner as well as some leave-in conditioner.

  • Keep some hand cream in your bag and use a dot rubbed in the palms to smooth over flyaways.

  • Keep using the silk/satin pillowcase or sleep cap because cotton absorbs moisture and silk will hold it.

Winter Hair Woe 4: Tangles

Winter apparel like winter coats and scarves come with cold temperatures, but they also bring an uptake in tangles. The static and fraction from those rubbing against the hair create the perfect combination for a tapestry of tangles.

  • Style hair away from the nape of the neck in high ponytails or side braids.

  • Put in an extra pat of leave-in conditioner that will allow the strands to slip through each and each other without tangling up.

Aside from the main winter woes here are some hair care thoughts and tips for black hair care through the cold crisp winter months

Hats Hurt The Hair

  • Winter hats meant to keep you warm can cause the hair stands to weaken when putting them on and off. Weakened hair is more prone to breakage. Use a silk or satin scarf under the hat to keep the hat from damaging the hair.

Too Tight To Be Good

  • Braids offer scalp protection in the cold winter months. Alternatively, they also pull on the hair which can cause damage and broken edges. Avoid styles that pull at the scalp or have braids too tight at the scalp.

Winter weather can do its best to bring down the glamour and luster of your hair, but with the right tips, tricks, and use of products no one will even know you are struggling with winter hair woes. Phil’s Better entire hair care system is made to condition and leave-in hair looking luxurious.

Phil’s Better was created to provide a natural solution to hair growth and skin care. All of our products are 100% green and made in the USA. When the products are better, you look and feel better.

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