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Black, Bold, and Beautiful: Influencers Who Inspire

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

You can find Phil’s Better on IG sharing our skin and hair product and we hope you follow us there for all things natural skin and hair care. Instagram is a great place to find skin care and hair influencers, and today we share our favorite Instagram followers that are worthy of you hitting that follow button as well. From hearing about their favorite products to receiving advice based on their real-life experiences, we have rounded up our favorite dark complexion influencers who share skin and natural hair positivity with inclusivity in a fun and creative ways.


Like many experts, learning through trial and error and listening to others share their experiences, Brooks Devard Oxaydinli set out to share her natural skincare journey. Her IG naked Beauty Planet shares inspiration and products she currently loves. We love that she shares her experiences with different products with the overall mission to encourage a clean, green, and natural path to beauty and skincare. As if her IG accounts with a combined following of more than 130k isn't enough, Brooke hosts the Naked Beauty Podcast where she interviews a variety of guests from different backgrounds. Topics range from self-care to beauty and wellness.

"When it comes to skincare you just absolutely have to read labels." Brooke

Skincare advocate Saleam Singleton focuses on skincare and grooming for the contemporary male while encouraging conversations that help to make male skin care as commonplace as daily shaving. He is also a representative and content creator for Byrdie Boy, an online site that researches over 10 million people each month working to destigmatize beauty expectations and standards. Followers of his IG can find pertinent tips for balanced skincare and simple routines that can become habits that feel like live conversation and advice from an old friend. Saleam’s passion for skincare stems from a place of vulnerability. He suffered from acne in high school and skincare created a solution and ultimately a successful platform to encourage other men to not feel ashamed for taking care of their skin.

"Following people who allow you to see yourself reflected, inspire, and, educate can encourage confidence and comfort with yourself." Saleam


Just because an influencer isn’t 100 percent green or natural with their products doesn't mean we don't see value in what they bring to the black community. Leal Alexander is a creative who popped on the scene when she openly shared her journey and transition to natural hair in 2016. She left behind heat-damaged hair and embraced dramatic healthy curls. If there ever was a spokesperson for curl positivity it's Leal. She creates a safe space for open discussions around textured hair. She is a champion and a motivational cheerleader for the textured hair community. Since her initial transition, the content has shifted slightly to include life, pets, and home garden experience, but it's well worth the follow if. Let her posts uplift and empower you.

We love Chizi Duru for a myriad of reasons. She offers hair tutorials and product reviews, but what we at Phi’s Better especially love is that embraces natural hair for tightly curled locks. Her YouTube channel has over 500k subscribers. Her following on IG is equally impressive. There you can find Inspirational posts and clips of her morning hair routine.

At 12 years old, Chizi cut her hair off because of the damage that resulted from relaxed hair. This was the catalyst for her to experiment with her hair and document her journey to natural hair. People like Chizi who create positivity surrounding natural hair make it easier for women to proudly wear the crown they were born with and not try to assimilate their hair to fit others' cultural standards of beauty.

Joyjah is well known on Instagram for her advice for naturally curly hair. Just scrolling through a few posts, it will become instantly clear why. She has the know-how, knowledge, and, experience to share and share what she does. She has over 450K followers on IG and over 150K subscribers to her Youtube channel. Joyjah is a model with Australian and Belizean heritage. In her accounts, she celebrates life, freckles, and curls for days.

We also have some little gems to share and for you to be on the look for as their sphere of influence continues to grow. Be sure to give them a follow on IG and tag us in the comments so they know we believe in them too!

Check out our influencers to be on the lookout for

Faith Wesbey hails from Georgia and shares all things skin and hair care related. She has the history to back up her tips and hacks for natural hair. With almost a decade of natural hair, Faith gives the thumbs up on product loves, wash day tips, as well as tutorials for new hairstyles.

Faith is especially passionate about keeping a routine skincare program. She shares, “As I grow into my adulthood and womanhood I have noticed the importance of proper skincare.”

We love following this lady. She brightens the day with her smile and shares her day-to-day fun nature, but what we really love are her hair posts. She shares how-tos for braids, and styling, and encourages everyone to embrace their beauty inside and out.

Skincare comes in waves and fads: from what worked in the 40s to what works now, skincare and haircare are about figuring out what works best with your particular type of skin and hair. We hope that you will find the influencers as helpful and inspirational as we do. After all, the common goal is to continue to build and promote in a positive way the community and build black beauty positivity. If you have any influencers that bring a new and captivating dynamic to the community, tag them in one of our posts with a comment for us to check them out. Whether you are new in your natural skin and hair care journey or more seasoned, Phil’s Better has products to fit your needs. Be sure to check out our best sellers to see for yourself. Remember when the products are better, you feel better.

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