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Turn About Is Fair Play

February is the month of love. For women, that follows with many traditional gifts like roses and chocolates, but for this, we are focusing on letting the man in your life know he is worthy of Valentine's too. Consider giving him the gift of some pampering. Many men seem resistant to this concept but when approached in the right way, you will find that he may be more receptive than you think. If your man thinks that a spa day with pampering will undermine his masculinity, then you can bring the spa to him.

Men crave the opportunity to relax and today we share ways you can offer the relaxation with some pampering added in

Step 1: Set the Mood for the at-home spa.

Create a unique invitation whether it be designed in digital design platforms like Canva or handwritten. Hand deliver the invitation or even sent it through the mail in a red envelope. Let him know on the invitation that he should RSVP in order to save his special day at the home spa.

Step 2: Feed his heart through his stomach

Curate a menu of his go-to comfort foods and snacks and plan to close your at-home spa day with his favorite meal. If you don’t want to cook, try to take it out from his favorite restaurant.

Step 3: Set the scene.

Create an open and inviting space by rearranging the living room furniture. Try pushing the bigger pieces of furniture out and shape them into an L. Use pillows and cushions from the bedroom and couch to create a floor pallet. Make use of the end tables to store his snacks refreshments and spa items. Try music services like Apple Music or Spotify for relaxing spa music.

Step 4: Offer luxury

When he arrives ready for the day, greet him with a plush oversized robe and slippers.

Step 5: Begin the treatments

  • Once he is laid back, cover his face with a warmed damp cloth. Allow it to rest and loosen facial oil and dirt.

  • Apply a face mask with a soft-bristled brush painting the mask in slow gentle strokes. While the mask sits, take massage oil mixed with Sandalwood essential oil into your palms.

  • Starting with his forearms and using your thumbs and index finger knead small circles slowly with mild pressure. Work your way down to his hands. Knead the palms of his hands and end by extending it out to each fingertip.

  • Finish with a scalp massage using a scalp oil like Phil’s Better Hair Elixer. Remember a little goes a long way with the Elixer. Apply a few drops in your palm and warm up on your fingertips. Start at the crown and work your way out across his head. Each time you reach the base of his neck finish out the stroke by massaging down his neck and across his shoulders.

  • Use a fresh warm damp washcloth to remove the mask, and massage Phil’s Butter onto his face.

Step 6: Nourish and Refresh

Offer him his beverage of choice, and while he enjoys his relaxing moment present him with his favorite meal.

Step 7: Enjoy the post-pampering relaxation together.

Although Valentine's only comes around once a year, remember you don’t have to have a special day to let the man in your life know that he is worthy of love, adoration, and some pampering. At Phil’s Better, we curate natural and green products that allow you to treat your skin and hair with products that are healthy and good for you.

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