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Be the Man with a Boss Beard

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It’s hard to go anywhere these days and not see a burly bearded man, Close to a decade ago, the beard reemerged and has been trending upward since. Though many iconic looks tend to fade in popularity. With the acceptance of various styles, cuts, and lengths, the beard is here to stay, and here is why. There is a science behind beards; an evolutionary purpose if you will. Beards are thought to signal maturity and highlight virility in a social setting.

If you are new to growing and showing off that facial hair or experienced beardy, here are some ways to avoid the most common grooming mistakes.

  • Refrain from oiling the facial mane. Contrary to the name, beard oil is not for the beard. It is intended to lock in the sebum oil on your face that is drawn away as your beard hair grows out. Apply natural beard oil daily under the beard and massage directly onto the skin underneath.

  • Don’t fall for false promises. There are zero products that you can purchase that will cause your facial skin to magically grow new hair follicles. The good news is that there are vitamins and products that can help your hair to grow thicker and fuller in the follicles you already have.

  • Avoid wet cuts. While haircuts for the head are regularly snipped when wet, the opposite is recommended for facial hair. Wet beard hair is heavier and hangs straighter. If you trim it while wet, it will dry and settle into its normal place leaving a ragged uneven appearance.

  • Ban the jawline outline. Shaping your beard along the jawline will the beard look small and unevenly proportional to the face. Instead, shave your beard in the area above the Adam's Apple. Shaving it here will give your beard a fuller look at all lengths. The extra neck hairs below the jawline will create fullness in your beard as it grows.

  • Skip the dipping top line. Many bearded men opt for a tight top line. The mistake comes when this line slips lower every time they shave in an effort to equally match both sides. Avoid the neck strap look by keeping the top line as natural as possible. A general guideline for lining up the top is to match the mustache line to the sideburns.

  • Resist the urge to adhere to shears. In one of life’s rare moments for advice. In this instance, procrastination may be best. Over trimming may stifle the goal of beard length. If the goal is beard growth, put down the trimmers for a couple of months. After waiting, now it’s ok to shape and even things up. If you are still looking for length and growth repeat the process.

  • Steer clear of plastic combs. Beard combs are pretty much a necessity for a beard, but quality takes precedence. The plastic combs are typically cut from large molds that leave ragged crevices on the teeth that can tear and damage the hair of the beard.

  • Sans the bar soap and body wash. Your beard and face should never be treated and washed the same as the rest of your body. Facial skin is much more delicate

  • Stop Smoking. Really just stop. It’s common knowledge how bad it is for your health. Research has shown that smoking damages hair follicles and slows hair growth. Smokers are far more prone to develop thin patches and sluggish beard growth.

  • Drop the judgment. Keep it a judgment-free zone and don’t fall into the trap of comparing your beard to other beards. Your beard is unique to you. Shine with confidence knowing that you are rocking the best beard you can.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid, check out the tips below to ensure a full and lustrous beard that stays looking top-notch.

  • Carry on and don’t cop-out. Beards require a commitment for the long haul and that doesn’t just apply to hair health. Committing to the maintenance of your general health is the first step in keeping your beard healthy. Live a lifestyle that includes plenty of sleep and a well-balanced diet to support the development of a hardy beard.

  • Keep it Clean. Shampoos specifically formulated for beards are best. Choose a beard shampoo/cleanser that will work with your facial skin. Daily beard cleansing is important because it will remove dirt, oil, germs, pollution, and dead skins.

  • Maintain Moisture. Pick a moisturizer for your bearded face just as you would for the wash. If you have acne-prone skin, a beard conditioner may be the best option for you. Try a beard oil on normal or dry skin. Use a fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer if you have sensitive skin. After washing your beard and carefully drying your face with a towel, apply your moisturizer. To avoid build-up or the impression of greasiness, use your selected product sparingly.

  • Bring the Brush. Combing your beard on a daily basis will ward off knots and tangles as well as discourage the hair from can curling and regrowing beneath the skin. Combing your facial hair can train hair to lay in the desired direction. Daily brushing can help to evenly distribute the beard oil or beard balm.

  • Notch out Neat Necklines. Place your index and middle fingers together above the Adam's Apple to line the bottom of the beard's border. Use the trimmer from this spot across the neck to create the line. Shave or cut the hairs below the line. Shave a “U” shape starting at the back of both ears, behind the jawline, starting from Adam’s Apple starting point.

  • Relax before you scissor the ‘stache.’ Don’t neglect this essential part of your beard. A successful trim happens when the face is in a resting position.

  • Place Proper Products. Understand there is a difference between beard oil and beard balm. Both have a place with rocking and flawless beards, but be sure you are using them properly. Beard oil softens the bristles and hydrates the epidermis, while the balm styles and protects the hair from environmental damage and dryness. Beard oil is a moisturizing and conditioning ingredient that may encourage growth and treat both your beard and the skin underneath it. Beard balm adds volume and form to your beard.

Beards require a committed maintenance routine and the maintenance goes beyond simply putting the razor down. Beards that aren't properly cared for may become itchy, harsh, and unmanageable, but pitfalls can be negated with proper care that includes moisturizing and nurturing your facial follicles. If you are looking for a beard kit that will offer a natural approach to shink and health and beard growth, check out our better beard kit that comes with a beard shampoo, growth oil, and a follicle-stimulating brush.

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